Stephanie Raney, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY19978

Building Healthy Families

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Separation, Divorce, and Custody Services

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Divorce is a wrenching time for families. Even the most amicable divorce can be hard for parents and kids. Parents may have a difficult time coping with their needs and the needs of their children. It’s easy to focus on the things that feel “broken” and lost. I see my task as helping people find their way through the loss and to the “New Normal” on the other side.

Child Therapy

Sometimes kids need a place to share their feelings about juggling two homes.  I provide a neutral space where children can express their sadness, anger, and happiness while developing new coping skills to thrive in their post-divorce families. 

“Always remember: You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
⁓A. A. Milne

Adult Therapy

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Whether you’re mourning the loss of your marriage and your dreams, or recovering from an abusive relationship (or both), we work together to identify your goals and improve your functioning.

Family Therapy

You and your children may need help figuring out how to function better as a family in your post-divorce lives. You may need support while integrating a step-parent into your home. I can help improve communication patterns, realign power dynamics, or support new parenting skills.

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Coparent Counseling

To help you and your children's other parent effectively meet your kids' needs and keep the kids out of the middle. 

We work together to improve your ability to communicate and work together as coparents.

I work with families before they have separated as well as post-separation/post-divorce.

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With families planning for separation, coparent counseling typically involves helping the couple make decisions about where to live, how to tell the kids, and developing a time share plan that works best for everyone.

With families who have already separated/divorced, I typically work on a court-appointed basis. In these cases, the goals for co-parenting are identified by the Court.

Reconnection Therapy

Reconnection therapy is sometimes necessary when the relationship between a parent and child has suffered a serious disruption, such as periods of time when the child resists or refuses contact with a parent. When the court finds that the relationship should be repaired, all members of the family need support to move forward and reconnect.

I am available and qualified to serve as a court-appointed reconnection therapist in cases like this.

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Parent Coaching and Consultation

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As you adjust to the “new normal” that is your life as a single parent, it can be helpful to have someone to act as a sounding board and offer constructive advice. This type of work is often very goal driven and solution focused.