Stephanie Raney, Ph.D.
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Building Healthy Families

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Parenting Consultation

Being a parent can be both incredibly rewarding and incredibly challenging. Every parent wants to give their child the best, including the best parenting. Sometimes that’s a difficult goal to achieve. A particularly challenging child, stresses from jobs and relationships, or one’s own past, can interfere with your ability to effectively parent your child.

Maybe you feel like you're becoming the kind of parent you always swore you would never be. Or you've begun to feel like a failure because your relationship with your child consists of lots of screaming and defiance and very little affection.

We work together to explore your parenting style and your child’s needs in order to help you build the parenting skills that best suit your family’s needs.

I offer individual and couples counseling parents who feel stuck in ways of parenting that aren't working for them or their families.

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This type of counseling is also helpful for parents who have recently separated or divorced, as they adjust to life as a single parent. The crisis of a divorce can become a catalyst for change, leading to new ways of relating for parent and child.

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“As children develop, their brains "mirror" their parent's brain. In other words, the parent's own growth and development, or lack of those, impact the child's brain. As parents become more aware and emotionally healthy, their children reap the rewards and move toward health as well.” ⁓Daniel J. Siegel